High performance fire retardant technology for exterior cladding

Specifying timber cladding for tall buildings is now possible! Thanks to a unique fire retardant impregnation treatment in Europe, IGNI-B timbers comply with the most rigorous fire safety regulations and the requirements of Building Regulatory Authorities.

IGNI-B fire retardant treatment is applied by vacuum pressure impregnation in factory controlled conditions. The timber is then kiln dried before a high temperature curing process, thereby permanently locking in the fire performance.


IGNI-B fire retardant treated timbers achieve the highest performance in terms of reaction to fire, complying with EuroClass B in accordance with BS EN 13501-1: 2002 for exterior cladding applications to meet the requirements of UK Building Regulations.

IGNI-B treated timbers are approved by the National House Building Council Building Control for timber cladding in situations adjacent to boundaries or above 18 meters in new build projects.

IGNI-B cladding timbers are among the safest products on the market related to fire, so considerably widening the range of projects where timber can be used.


IGNI-B treated cladding timbers may be used externally without a protective coating and maintain their fire performance offering assured safety.

The heat curing process central to IGNI-B treatment polymerises the organic polymer resins impregnated in the timber to form insoluble polymer molecules locked inside the timber cells. The Leach Resistance of the IGNI-B treated timber ensures the durability of the fire performance in exterior and damp situations.

The treated cladding is non-hygroscopic – i.e it does not absorb water from the air – nor does it give rise to efflorescence.


Given that there is no need to apply a decorative or protective finish with IGNI-B treated timber, there is little maintenance required. This represents real value throughout the service life of the cladding.


Extensive trials and tests have been carried out by accredited laboratories to certify the performance and stability of IGNI-B treated products according to European standards.


PiveteauBois has successfully tested and validated a wide range of timber species, profiles and sizes, which designers and architects can draw from to inspire new projects. IGNI-B releases architectural creativity and complies with the most stringent fire safety requirements. Timber species that can be offered include Douglas Fir, Larch and Pine.


IGNI-B treatment functions primarily as a flame retardant and does not contain wood preservative chemicals. However, in addition to improving fire reaction, IGNI-B treatment strengthens the biological resistance of timber and thereby extends its service life.  IGNI-B treated timber has a 30-year service life in Use Class 3.2 situations.

IGNI-B treated cladding off cuts and timber are not classified as hazardous waste and should be considered like ordinary timber waste.

IGNI-B uses NON-COM Exterior supplied by Arch Timber Protection.